One’s debit card may serve for one’s good or bad, and in both cases its nature is the same. Indeed, it is the card holder’s attitude, which may turn the card into this or that way. Like any other means of payment the debit card is working irrespectively of one’s mood and it may be used in automatic or semi-automatic mode, for instance, to effect regular payments in favor of the second mortgage lenders or covering car loans or something like that.

One’s mortgage debit card is all the same like the said above, but it is issued in connection to one’s mortgage and it serves to its holder for as long as one’s mortgage is alive. Of course, in the developed countries, where they have well versed financial structure, one may come across and use, for example, reverse mortgage debit card, having a bit more limitations in comparison to an ordinary debit card, but that is not very common nevertheless.

In any case, if someone is going to use pay mortgage debit card mechanism it is necessary to keep under control the current balance of the corresponding account and have very reliable blocking mechanism in case something goes wrong. In spite of the fact it does not happen too often, it is really possible to wake up one morning and to learn that the debit card is empty and there is even some debt due to this fact; or, which may be even worse, this card is overdue already.